Strategy 20 : Catch a Fish While the Water is Disturbed

@@Jin Wu Di once sent an army of two hundred thousand soldiers to attack Wu. The Jin army was led by the great general Du Yu. When the Jin army arrived at the city of Yue Siang which was right next to the Yangtze River, his captain Jhou Jhih crossed the river at night with two hundred raiders. Then they all changed into Wu army's uniform, hid themselves outside the city of Yue Siang, and waited in ambush.

@@The next day, Sun Sin, the general in charge of defending Yue Siang, took his army outside the city walls to fight the Jin army. The Wu army lost the battle, and as the troops fled back to the city of Yue Siang, the two hundred Jin raiders mingled in with the Wu army and entered the city walls during the chaos. Afterwards, they set fires all over the city as planned. And when everything was in chaos, Jhou Jhih and his raiders rushed into the headquarter of the Wu army and caught Sun Sin alive. This was how the city of Yue Siang fell to the Jin army.
@@ The rest of the Wu army was defeated in subsequent battles. In less than five months Wu surrendered to Jin.
Strategy 20 : Catch a Fish While the Water is Disturbed
@@ Originally it means to roil the water sediments in order to cloud the vision of the fish and catch the fish.
@@ Here it means to create confusion so that the enemy does not know what is real and what is not, nor where we are feinting and where we are attacking. This way, a confused enemy is more vulnerable to our attack.