Strategy 24 : Obtain Safe Passage to Conquer Guo

@@In the Spring and Autumn Period, the small states of Yu and Guo were bordering the larger state of Jin. Jin always wanted to conquer these two neighboring states.

@@To this end, Jin Sian Gong used fine horses and jewelry to bribe the duke of Yu in exchange for safe passage for his army to pass through his country to attack Guo. The duke of Yu accepted his offer and even sent troops to lead the way. The Jin army was able to conquered the city of Sia Yang smoothly.
@@Three years later, Jin made the same request to the duke of Yu again. One of the senior officials of Guo, Gong Jhih Ji, cautioned the duke of Yu against accepting Jin's request by saying, "Yu is to Guo, as lips are to teeth. If the lips are gone, the teeth will be exposed to the cold." He explained the mutually dependent relationship between Yu and Guo, hoping that the duke of Yu would refuse Jin's request for safe passage. Instead, both Yu and Guo should unit together to fight Jin. Despite Gong Jhih Ji's warning and advice, the duke of Yu chose to ignored him and agreed to Jin's request for safe passage. Gong Jhih Ji thus predicted that both Yu and Guo will would be destroyed together before the end of the year.'' That said, he took his family and fled to another country.
@@ Indeed. a month before the end of the year, Guo was conquered by Jin. And on their way back through Yu, the Jin army launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting Yu. As a result, Yu, too, was easily conquered by Jin.
Strategy 24: Obtain Safe Passage to Conquer Guo
@@ Using the convenience given by your enemy to cover up your real intentions and to increase your power in order to achieve your ultimate goal.