Selected StoryíGAnt and katydid

í@í@Summer is coming. A katydid took the shelter inside a tree. She was signing happily. Then she noticed that there was a long line of black dots below so she flew closer to check it out. It was the ants. They were carrying the food toward the hole under the tree. The katydid mocked at them.íŽíŽ You are such fools. The weather is so hot and you doníŽt relax yourselves in the hole but working under the burning sun.íŽíŽ The ants answered,íŽíŽ We are not fools.

We need to work hard to store up foods so we doníŽt need to worry in the winter. What about you? Have you started to store up? íŽíŽ The katydid laughed aloud,íŽíŽItíŽs way too early to think of winteríINow I am going to continue singing. Good-by.
í@í@ Winter came. ItíŽs becoming cooler and cooler each day. The katydid keeps singing as vigorously as usual and the ants keep working as hard as usual. One day, the ants reminded the katydid,íŽíŽ Winter is coming soon. DoníŽt just signing, hurry up to store some food upíIíŽíŽíŽíŽ ItíŽs too early,íŽíŽ The katydid answered,íŽíŽ Another few more days and IíŽll do itíŽíŽíŽíŽ
í@í@A few days later, when the katydid was signing, a north wind swept through. The katydid was shivering. She thought,íŽíŽ Now the winter is coming. I must hurry up to find some food.íŽíŽ So she went searching for food. But it has become more and more difficult to find food. In the end, she couldníŽt even find the food for her daily meal. Hungry and cold, she had no choice but to knock the door of the ants unabashed,íŽíŽ I am starving to death,íŽíŽ said the katydid with her teeth tremblingíŽíŽ Please share some food with me?íŽíŽ The ants said,íŽíŽ We told you to prepare for the winter, but you did nothing but signing. Now we caníŽt help you because we have food only enough for ourselves.íŽíŽ
í@í@Then the door was shut closed. Another north wind swept through and the katydid caníŽt do nothing but standing in the chilly wind, alone and regretíKíŽíŽ