Hundred-year-old city¡XMetropolitan Taipei¡]1¡^

Taipei is the core of Taiwan.
Taipei is an informational and cultural city.
Taipei is a city with the old and the new.
Taipei is a green park with numerous tall buildings.
¡@¡@Taipei is the capital and also the political, economical and cultural center of Taiwan. The ever-changing Taipei throws surprises at you everyday. It has eye-catching landmarks such as Taipei 101 and the Ferris Wheel, art districts built upon past historical sites, hundred- year-old old streets and city gates,

river banks and city parks, museums with abundant resources, numerous night markets, and the Yang-Ming Mountain trails and old springs.

Taipei¡¦s New Landmarks¡XTaipei 101 and The Ferris Wheel
¡@¡@ The world's tallest skyscraper is now in Taipei! With an altitude of 508 meters, Taipei 101 has 101 stories above ground and 5 stories below. The imposing Taipei 101 Financial Center stole headlines, and Taiwan now has the world¡¦s tallest building. The building has many unique characteristics. The exterior of the building resembles bamboo segments, with eight stories to each segment because the number "8" signifies prosperous growth. Each segment is shaped like a scepter, with ancient coins on the exterior of the 26th floor to give the modern building a Chinese flair. In the building, you can see a condensed version of Taipei metropolitan life. Taipei 101 also has financial, commercial, and industrial functions, stocks and securities, entertainment, and a living and shopping complex. On the other side of Taipei, Miramar Entertainment Park in Dazhi has the world¡¦s second largest Ferris wheel, which glitters against the sky. The wheel takes 17 minutes to make one revolution and offers stunning vistas of Taipei City. In the evening, the wheel ride allows the visitor to enjoy a different type of beauty with a dazzling array of lights illuminating from the park. This place has added another exclamation mark to Taipei.

Chicken Soup in the city¡XReborn Art Districts
¡@¡@ In 2003, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Taipei City Government inaugurated a series of renaissances of ancient sites. The purpose is to renovate them and turn them into cultural sites. For example, the Yuan-shan Villa was turned into the Taipei Story House. This British villa used to be owned by a permanent merchant from Dadaocheng, and now it is a cultural center. Also, the Red House hidden in the Ximen commercial district is an octagonal, two-story Western-style structure built of red brick and is a Class 3 historical site with more than 9 decades of history. Originally used as the public market of the Ximen area, the Red House was home to a ¡§Red Theatre" in the past. After the renovation, this area was designated as a culture and leisure center in Taipei. Other sites include the Taipei Artist Village, Spot Taipei, The Mayor¡¦s Residence Art Salon, etc. Each one of them has installed fresh blood to Taipei¡¦s culture.
¡@¡@The Hua Shan Cultural and Creative Industry Center is built upon the old Taipei Winery Buildings. It is one of the most significant cultural projects initiated by the government. After the reconstruction, the deserted winery became an important site for artists to freely express their imagination and creativity, and it is also the playground for avant-garde art and the most precious resource for the cultural industry.

Chinese New Year Market at Dihua Street
¡@¡@Dihua Street is an ideal place for taking in some of Taipei's old street charm. The north-south street can be divided into three sections: cloth, Chinese herbal medicine, and other goods from China. It is located in Taipei's Dadaocheng District. Strolling down the streets, visitors enjoy the architectural beauty of Dihua Street and purchase snacks and sweets for Chinese New Year festivities. It isn¡¦t hard to imagine how busy and crowded the street used to be in the past. Recently, to promote the development of Dadaocheng district, the Taipei city government has been holding the ¡§Dihua Street New Year Culture Tour¡¨ every year since 1996. The 2005 Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and the festive ¡§Dihua Street New Year Culture Tour¡¨ will start on February 1. Don¡¦t miss out on this premiere venue to buy traditional holiday foods in Taipei!
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