Wang Dulu

      Wang Dulu, the penname of Wang Baosiang, was born in a Manchurian family in Beijing in 1909. He studied by himself and led a difficult life. He took many different jobs including schoolteacher, editor for a small newspaper, and clerk for a merchant association. Prior to the Sino-Japanese War, he started writing detective stories. His first popular wusia novel was Baojian Jinchai Ji. He moved to Jiangning to work as a teacher in 1949. During the Cultural Revolution, he was sentenced to reform through farm labor in the countryside. He moved to live with his son in 1975 and died in the winter of 1977.

      Among his books the five serial novels, from Hejing Kunlun to Tieci Yinping, are the most famous ones. They talk about the stories of Bao Kunlun and Jiang Siaohe, and span over three generations. They contain love, hatred, separation, reunion, redemption, and revenge that happen to four pairs of male-female protagonists.