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Liang Yusheng

      Liang Yusheng is the penname of Chen Wuntong. He was born in Mengshan County, Guangxi Province. Growing up in a prominent family he was able to read many classical writings and poems. He followed Professor Jian Youwun studying history in 1943, and later entered Lingnan University to study international economies. He worked for the newspaper Sin Wan Bao in Hong Kong after his graduation, and settled there after 1949. Not long ago he relocated in Sydney, Australia.

      Liang Yusheng has loved reading knight-errant novels ever since he was very young. As a multitalented writer interested in history and literature, he wrote columns, critiques and essays under different names including Liang Hueru and Fong Yuning.

      The year 1954 saw a public contest between the two Schools of martial arts, Taiji and Baihe in Hong Kong. The city was excited and the newspaper, Sin Wan Bao, encouraged him to write a knight-errant serial to entertain readers. So he began his first novel Longhu Dou Jinghua, which was very successful; he kept writing and became famous. From 1954 to 1984 he wrote thirty-six books. Liang is recognized as the most influential writer of Hong Kong as the reputation Jin Yong has.

      Usually Liang opens his novels with a poem. His protagonists are versatile and interested in literature. Combining historical events with fictional episodes is also Liang's style. He does not regard Shaolin and Wudang as the leading schools of martial arts like other writers do, instead he worships the School of Tianshan.

      The three of his novels he himself likes best are Pingzong Siaying Lu, Nyudi Ciying Jhuan, Yunhai Yugong Yuan. Some of his books have been turned into movies and TV serials such as Baifa Monyu Jhuan.