Liang Yusheng, the Poineer

Pingzong Siaying Lu

Baifa Monyu Jhuan

     Born in 1925, Liang's real name is Chen Wuntong from Mengshan County, Guangxi Province. Growing up in a prominent family, he was well educated in classical literature and history. He graduated from Lingnan University majoring in Economics. Then he worked as a copy editor for the Sin Wan Bao. In 1954, he used Liang Yusheng as his penname to publish his first wusia series Longhu Dou Jinghua, in Sin Wan Bao.

      This story keeps many traditional patterns, such as siezih and huimu, and some story lines are similar to those in Shiher Jincian Biao by Bai Yu. Since that time he did not stop writing wusia until 1984 when he announced a switch from writing about the knight-errant to historical figures. Later on, he relocated in Australia. Within his 34 years of writing wusia novels, he produced 160 volumes in 35 novels. The most representative ones are Baifa Monyu Jhuan, Pingzong Siaying Lu, DaTang Yousia Jhuan, Cijian Sia Tianshan, and Wulin Tianjiao.