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Baima Siao Sifong
      This story took place in a nomad tribe in Kazakh where Li Wunsiou, a Chinese orphan girl was raised by Old man Ji, who was also a Chinese. The girl secretly that she had a map of the legendary treasure of the Gaochang Kingdom. Her parents were murdered because of this map.

      Many people were looking for her, and Waerlaici was one of them. Waerlaici had felt in love with Yalisian when he was young. But once he knew Yalisian would marry Cherku the one she loved, he left Kazakh for China and learned martial arts. A few years later he came back with his Chinese disciple Ma Jiajyun. He planned not only to murder Cherku but a whole tribe, so he commanded Ma to put poison in the reservoir. Ma did not do so but secretly stabbed three poisoned pins in Waerlaici's back. After that, instead of being killed, Waerlaici suffered backache until the pins were pulled out by Li Wunsiou.

      When the treasure hunters following Li Wunsiou came to the ruined palace of Gaochang, they found that apart from books, clothes and music instruments there was neither gold nor gems. Then they realized that the ancient T'ang dynasty already took over the treasure form the Gaochang kingdom and gave them books and clothes in return. The Gaochang people disliked the Chinese things so they abandoned them in the ruined palace. When the disappointed hunter decided to kill Li, Old man Ji came out to stop them. Waerlaici recognized that Old man Ji was his ex-disciple Ma Jiajyun so they had a fatal fight and they both died in the palace.

      Li Wunsiou had a boyfriend Supu, but Supu's father did not agree with them. He hated Chinese people because the Chinese treasure hunters killed Supu's mother and his elder son. So Li Wunsiou gave up Supu and rode on her white horse to go back to China.

      It was a short story compared to Jin Yong's other works. The two main characters Li Wunsiou and Old man Ji developed two story lines and the two plot lines were nicely developed and interwoven. In addition the suspenseful treasure hunting theme and the love affair taking place in the Kazakh Plateau made sure that it was another impressive story.