Sihma Ling, the Psychologist

Jianshen Jhuan Yinma Huanghe Sianshou Yulong
Jianhai Yingyang Danfong Jhen  
      Sihma's real name is Wu Sihming, from Shantou City in Guangdong Province. He graduated from National Chengchi University majoring in Politics. He once worked as a journalist for the Minzu Wan Bao newspaper and as an editor for Sinsheng Bao daily. Ever since he was very young, he enjoyed himself in reading, especially those books about poems, classical literature, Buddhist and Taoist texts and modern writings. In his second year in the university, he used the penname Wulou Jyushih and published the wusia novel Guanlo Fongyun Lu, which was a very successful. Then he wrote Jianci Cianhuan Lu, Jianshen Jhuan, Baigu Ling, He Gaofei and Jin Lyuyi. His writing style was unique and original. Although the stories were set in ancient China, they are modern in conception. The characters in his works are impressive and the episodes are suspenseful.

      His famous work, Jianhai Yingyang, explores the spiritual power which can beat the enemy, and opens a new territory of wusia novel writing. However the quality of his works decreased. Then he moved to Hong Kong, and used the penname Tiansin Yue and published a serial novel called Ciang Ren, but he could not regain his status as he had before. He wrote altogether around forty novels.