Wun Ruian, the Newcomer

Sihda Mingbu Hui Jingshih

Daocong Lide Shih Wunrou De Dau
      Born in a Meisian Cantonese family in Malaysia in 1954, Wun once studied in National Taiwan University. He was an adorer of Chinese martial arts and modern literatures. In 1970, when he was a first year Senior High School student, he published his debut wusia novel Jhu Sha, one of the serial works in Sihda Mingbu HuijingShih, in the magazine, Wusia Chunciu, in Hong Kong, yet he did not get much attention. In 1973, he came to Taiwan to continue his studies, before long he organized both a poets association called Shenjhou Shihshe and the Cingnian Jhongguo magazine. His efforts made some credits, however he was detained by the local government for certain accusations. He moved to Hong Kong in 1981.

      He is acclaimed for using a modern style of writing in his wusia novels. And this has gained both good and bad evaluations. An epilogue, which he wrote at the end of a novel, states: "To change is the destination of the wusia novel....I do not care whether the change will be successful or failing, rewarding or meaningless, as long as I feel happy I will do it. I have established a publishing company called Zihcheng Yipai and publish the Wusia Shihji biweekly." His is a versatile writer and has completed more than 60 wusia works and many poems, essays and critical article collections, and he never stops writing.