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  Kwan Tak Hing, Guan Desing

      Kwan Tak Hing (1906-1996), to much of the audience he was "Huang Feihong (Wong Fei Hung in Cantonese)," having played the role of Huang in more than one hundred movies and television shows. It may be regarded as a worldwide record.

      Kwan was born in Kuangjhou and was originally a famous Cantonese opera singer known by his stage name "Sun Lang-chow". As a well-trained traditional opera performer, he was good in both the martial arts such as the bow, the whip, boxing, and folk entertainment, such as the Lion dance. He organized Cantonese opera performing tours to entertain the troops during the Sino-Japanese War. And he also visited the USA to raise money for Chinese military expenses, so he was known as a patriotic entertainer. He was elected as the chairperson of a Cantonese opera association in Hong Kong, and he was also honored with the title of MBE by Queen Elizabeth II.

      His first movie was in 1933. He made at least 130 movies, and 102 of them were wusia movies, in which he mostly played Wong Fei Hung. He also acted in a TV series as Wong. He was very like Wong in many ways. Besides both being good in the martial arts, they looked same and they had similar characteristics. He paid his best respect to Wong by calling on Wong's tomb at the anniversary of Wong's death and visiting Wong's family every now and then.

      He knew various types of Chinese martial arts very well, especially the White Crane Forms. He practiced Shaolin kung fu and was famous for his "Shadowless" whip. The lion dance was meticulously performed in the Wong Fei Hung films, because Kwan, the master, not only showed the movement of the lion as a beast, but also the emotion of it as a creature.

      He not only performed as a hero in movies, but also was a generous man in real life. He opened medicine stores for more than two decades, and he dedicated much of his time to helping the elderly and the sick. He was also good in Chinese calligraphy. He held an exhibition in the USA in 1961. In 1979 'Magnificent Butcher, Lin Shihrong,' he also demonstrated an excellent calligraphy fight; the well-choreographed scenes were very entertaining.