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When she was 19, for the first time she dressed as a modern girl singing and dancing in the film, 'Romance of a Teenage Girl, Shaonyu Sin.' With the success of the following movie, 'Colorful Youth, Caise Cingchun' she and Connie Chan impressed the audience with their ability not only to play wusia movies set in ancient China but also to perform excellently in modern films. Prior to the 70s, both Josephine Siao and Connie Chan could make more than 30 movies a year; this number shows their popularity. Siao's fans were mostly from the middle class and the intellectual circles.

       At the beginning of the 70s, she went to study in the USA for three years and received a bachelor degree in broadcasting. In 1974 she returned to the screen and made the film, 'Hiroshima 28, Guangdao 28.' The next year, she won the Best Actress in the a Supporting Role in the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan for her acting in the film, 'Girl Friend, Nyu Pengyou.' In the same year, she was married to the famous actor Cin Sianglin.

       She never stopped studying in the academic field. In 1994 she got a master's degree in children's psychology. In the last few years, she has mostly played the role of an exquisitely sensitive mother from an ordinary family, such as 'Fong Sai Yuk, Fang Shihyu,' 'Always on My Mind, Ciangcian Fuci,' and 'Summer Snow, Nyuren Sihshih.' Her excellent performance in 'Summer Snow' won her the award of the Best Actress in Berlin Film Festival.

      Josephine Siao, like Connie Chan, was one of the leading actresses playing wusia movies. Altogether she made 96 wusia movies. She kept improving herself to adapt to the modern society. As an achieved performer, she is known as a hard working filmmaker, fast learner and a woman with creativity and initiative. Go, Ms. Siao, we eagerly await your upcoming films.