Cann't Read Chinese? Look Here.

How to View Chinese Using Internet Explorer

  1. For IE 4.0, go to the menu bar and press "Help" and then "Product Update"; Otherwise, if you are using IE5.0, please check "Tools" and then "Windows update".

  2. Next you will see the screen showing you "please wait". Although it takes time, you must wait for this screen to finish loading in order to go to the next step.

  3. A screen will appear to you for software components selection.

  4. Place 'tick' the boxes "Chinese (Traditional) Language Support".

  5. Press the "Download" button.

  6. Press "Start download" and you will start the download process. During the download process you will see some paper files from one folder flying over to another folder. At the final stage, you will see a dialogue box saying "Chinese (Traditional) Language Support" was successfully downloaded and installed.

If you still cannot read Chinese webpage after installing the software, inappropriate encoding may be used. You should then go to the menu bar and press "View" and then "Encoding", select the "Chinese Traditional (Big5)" for Traditional Chinese webpages.