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OCAC-Published books for the Study of Chinese Language   Activities
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Scholastic Forum - The Third International Conference on Internet Chinese Education
                              The Issues of Chinese Characters The Creation of a Chinese Edution and Culture Web Site
                              Chinese Eudcation Resources in U.S. Colleges
                              Proceedings of the First international Congress on Internet Chinese Education 1999
                              The Second International Conference on Internet Chinese Education
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This topic provides the opportunity for various exchanges and the sharing of precious experiences. For example, the section “OCAC-Published books for the Study of Chinese Language” provides the function of on-line search various educational materials on the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission (OCAC). “Activities” has collected the information about the educational and cultural events held by the OCAC “Educational Resources” includes all the rules and the regulations of the educational activities of OCAC, and the teaching materials of the Training Program of the Chinese Language Teachers . “Resource Links” also provides numerous cultural resources and a list of related language teaching websites or educational institutions, providing learners with more diverse options. “(Scholastic Forum)” has listed the academic symposiums organized by the OCAC, besides they have been published completely all of the articles and videos of sympo


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