Hardworking and Perseverant

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     As a result of relocating generation after generation, the Hakkas learned to be hardworking, persevering, and unpretentious as they struggled for survival against an adverse environment. These virtues, for which the Hakka are known to this day, have enabled the Hakkas to set down roots and set up hearth and home very quickly in new environments.

Conscientious in Their Undertakings


   The Hakka are highly esteemed for the success of their undertakings as, even when they are far away from home, they maintain their industrious spirit. The Singaporean government, the core of power of which is Hakka directed, is a good example. Successes of this kind should be accredited to the Hakka women who are steadfast and persevering in the face of difficulties. They perform farm work while running very frugal households. Consequently, the men can set their minds to other tasks away from home. The impressive amount of large Hakka businesses all along the coast of Southern China illustrates this truth.



     Life on the road caused the Hakkas stick together, leading to very strong, close-knit communities. Clans with the same family name often settled down together sharing a collective ancestral hall. This solidarity has helped the Hakkas become self-reliant economically, while presenting a formidable deterrent to would-be aggressors. The Hakkas are a very cohesive group, going through thick and thin together and pulling together in times of diversity.

Stress Education

     Several generations of Hakka commonly live together under the same roof. Despite their tendency for large families, the Hakkas place a great deal of emphasis on education, the money for which is taken from common clan assets, including accumulated inheritance property and money sent back from relatives living abroad. In the past, common assets were set up as Hakkas donated money from inheritances to help the sons of relatives to take government tests. Many Hakkas living abroad continue to contribute to education funds for relatives.