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The Three Mountain Kings

The Legend of the Three Mountain Kings

     The Three Mountain Kings are the guardian spirits of the Hakka.

     According to records, the name Three Mountains is derived from the names of three famous mountains, the Du, Ming, and Ding Mountains, in Jieyang County, Chaozhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province. These beliefs are a relic of the nature and mountain worshiping traditions passed down from ancient times.

     Another tradition has it that a man of prowess by the name of Chen You Lian led the people in a huge rebellion at the end of the Song Dynasty. Chaozhou and Shantou were brought completely under his control. To put down the revolt, Emperor Song Bing Di personally led his armies to war. Unfortunately, most of his army was wounded or killed. The rebel forces had Emperor Song Bing Di backed up to a river and it looked like he was ready to be captured. Suddenly, three generals routed the rebel armies, snatching victory out of their hands and saving the emperor. After the insurrection was put down, Emperor Song Bing Di wanted to commend the three generals for saving the day, but they were nowhere to be found. Later, it was pointed out to him that the three generals were actually three mountain spirits. The emperor ordered a temple to be built to show gratitude.