Yuan Xiao and lantern riddles History of lantern riddles  

Yuan Xiao festival is the end of Chinese lunar new year¡¦s holidays, it is the star turn for¡¨ new year celebration¡¨. Thus, the propitious Chinese New years¡¦ greeting pictures, were including ¡§Lantern Nian Hua (year picture)¡¨ for lantern riddle guessing. These pictures were imitated ancient lanterns, which were tetragon, hexagon, and octagon shape painting. If someone wanted to hold lantern riddle parties, they could post the year picture, and
stuck the riddle on the surface of lanterns for guessing. On the night of Yuan Xiao festival, you could see the year picture and guess the riddles, combination of lantern riddles and year picture were announcing a coming new year and bright future.