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Taiwanese riddle clubs and organizations had developed vigorously since Taiwan restoration, there were about twenty large- scale organizations established. That had incubated many picked scholars in riddle filed. The important clubs including:

1. Taipei collective-wisdom riddle club
Collective-wisdom club had eight kinds of publication (please arrange these books to fan-
shaped) This club was established on July 31st, 1958. The first appointed club leader was Mr. Cai Yu-Zhai, but he passed away in few months of appointment, due to sickness. After that, Mr. Yuan Ding-Hua took over the task until he passed away in 1973. During that period, eight kinds of club series books had been published. After his death, his wife,- Ms. Yu Xin-Hui sort out his works and published them, the book title as ¡§Bu Yi Zhai riddle collection¡¨. Then, Mr. Lai Chu Gang, whose works was named as ¡§God work¡¨, succeed to the club leader. Club leaders had also passed on to Mr. Huang Yong-Wen, Mr. Wu Xue -Ping, Mr. Ye Ming-Dong, and others, they all gave every effort in maintaining and promoting riddles. Nowadays this club had become one of influential riddle club in Taiwanese lantern riddle field. Current club leader is Mr. Wu Xue Ping.
Collective-wisdom riddle club had abundant publications. They were not only having series books, but also published ¡§collective-wisdom refined draft riddle journals¡¨ (Vol. 1-24) and ¡§Lantern riddle parties draft> in 1971, <riddle collection magazines¡¨ in 1986, and special memorial edition ¡§Collective wisdom literatures¡¨ in July 1998.

2. Taipei county riddle research association
On the June 12th, 1971, the association was established at San Chong city, Taipei county. Although it didn¡¦t have many members, it attracted many talented people, and many of them were one of the best scholars. The first president was Mr. Chen Zhen Zhou, he continued the title for four times. After that, Mr. Shi Sheng Xiong was in charge of all association matters, and published ¡§Dan Jiang hidden words¡¨ Vol. 1 to 3.
On the day of establishment, many riddle fans had come and congratulated them. The predecessors such as Mr. Yuan Ding-Hua, Mr. Lai Chu-Gang, Mr. Huang Yong-Wen, and others had been there to share this wonderful moment.

(Group Picture of Taipei county riddle research association first conference, June 12th, 1971)

3. Keelung city riddle research association
This was the first riddle research association which had registered in government¡¦s file. The association was established on June 23rd, 1963. The first president is Mr. Luo Qing-Yun and he renewed his term for 16 times and severed for 32 years. Due to aging, he passed on the task to city councilor Ms. Zhang Fang Li on the thirty-three annual meeting. However, association matter run into sands and it become existing in name only.
After this association was established, it had published a 10-days periodical, called ¡§Chinese lantern riddle magazines¡¨ since July 25th, 1966. It also had published ¡¨Yu Hang Chun Deng¡¨ Vol. 1-3, which was really influential in riddle field.

4. PengHu county riddle research association

The association was established in February, 1966. The first president was Mr. Quo Zi-De, soon he passed on the task to Mr. Wang Da-Kun and Mr. Chen Yao-Ming. However, there were very few activities in the assocociation..
Since February 3rd, 1991, the association united with ¡§Peng Hu Huo Shao ping community riddle organization¡¨, it become more active and organizational matters also could operate well. Beside publishing nonscheduled ¡¨Hu Xiao Xi Ying¡¨ since October, 1988, it also had published several riddle books, like ¡§Xi Ying lantern riddle selection¡¨ and ¡§Hu Xiao Xi Ying riddle collection¡¨.

5. JiaYi county (city) riddle research association

¡§JiaYi county riddle research association¡¨ was initiated by many lantern riddle devotees in JiaYi area. It was established in November, 1970 and registered on March 12th, 1971 and become a formal organization. At the same year of July 10th, the establishing conference took place. The first and second president was appointed to Mr. Qiu Wan-Fu, and had some achievement.
The third and forth president was appointed to Mr. Su Qian-Kun, who made association matters become active and impressive. It had a publication called ¡§Zhu Luo riddle collection¡¨ and also hold many lantern riddle parties in villages and towns. Mr. Wang Jin-Yong was the fifth president. Another person who deserved to mention was Mr. Huang Ying-Zhou. Mr. Huang was very enthusiastic at riddle study. He would travel around Taiwan for riddle study meeting. He also established the ¡§Di She¡¨ lantern riddle Han Bu, which had a lot of praising good works were made by him.
After that, association matter slow down a lot, so Mr. Chen Yi Xuan organized another association, named ¡§JiaYi city riddle research association¡¨. Since then JiaYi county riddle research association had become history.

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