Taiwanese Riddle Club Taiwanese Riddle Journal riddle predecessors

The missions of riddle club were to promote riddle study and advocate reading practices. They provided all kinds of riddle study journals which allow riddle fans to exchanges their points of view and advocate the concept of riddles. Since Taiwan restoration, it had more than ten kinds of riddle journals and periodicals been published. The important prints including:


i. <Chinese lantern riddle magazines> 10-days journal
Publisher: Keelung city riddle research association (First issue/ president Luo Qing-
Publication beginning date: July 25th, 1966
Publication ceasing date : March 30th, 1995
Total volumes : 769

PS: The journal had changed its name to <Chinese riddle academy magazine>, President Luo Qing-Yun was in charge from the beginning to the end, it was easy to see Mr. Luos passion and patience for riddle study.

ii. (Riddle talk magazine)
Publisher: Taichung county riddle research association (First issue/
president Lee Wen-Zhong)
Publication beginning date: October 10th, 1979
Publication ceasing date: 1986
Total volumes: 87

PS: <riddle talk magazine> had to cease publication in 1986 due to the deficit, and had published 63 volumes. Until January 10th, 1996, president Huang Fang-Zhao worked very hard to resume publication, and tried to change edited contents, and focused on lantern riddle essay, children riddles, lantern riddle guessing, lantern riddle hospitalKetc. However, it continued to publish till vol. 87 and it had to cease the publication again.

iii. <Riddle collection>
Publisher: Collective wisdom riddle club
Publication beginning date: May 1st, 1986
Currently still publishing


iv. <Chinese riddle newsletter>
Publisher: Taiwanese riddle club
Publication beginning date: September 3rd, 1992

v. <Taiwanese riddle study> (Quarterly)
Publisher: Taiwanese riddle research association
Publication beginning date: January, 2000
Currently still publishing

vi. National lantern riddle Han Bu
In 1936, Mr. Wu Chao-lun(Jing Ge) wanted to exchange his point of view and riddle making skills, so he edited Di She semimonthly. Which journal focused on both riddle guessing and making, and it had created two kinds , like Han Bu (using bottom to get surface) and Shi Bu (using surface to get bottom) for club members to exchange their points of views. In 1967, Mr. Chen Zu-Shun from Keelung tried to extend the club , so he engaged many riddle experts to evaluate recruiting riddles. There were 36 recruitments had taken place and in the highest recruitment it had 312 contributors (vol.23). It had become one of most popular items in riddle competitions. It was one of great Taiwanese riddle studies.

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