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Since Qing dynasty middle period, Taiwanese riddle study had developed vigorously. In early days, it was influenced by mainland China. Mr. Lin Zhan-Mei and Mr. Tang Jing -Song had established Taiwanese lantern riddle foundation. Mr. Zhang Qi-Nan who was called ¡§Saint riddle¡¨, and he was an idol for riddle fans. He had inspired many people who was


interested in riddle study. Since Taiwan restoration, there were two outstanding riddle experts- Mr. Lai Chu-Geng and Mr. Xu Cheng-Zhang. Their works also highly praised by many riddle fans. They will be introduced individually as followed:

1. Lin Zhan-Mei

For Taiwanese lantern riddle study development, Mr. Lin Zhan Mei would be the pioneer.
Mr. Lin Zhan-Mei; another name was QingJiang; written as XueCun; named HeShan,; from XinZhu,Taiwan; was born in QingJiaQing year, and unknown year of death. Lin¡¦s family was really wealthy, but he was not acted as rich kid. He read a lot and knowing many matters, and his knowledge was really broad. He was a very generous and just man, and liked to help those in danger and relieve those in distress. He was really famous at that time.

Lin¡¦s family owned a manor in XinZhu, named ¡§Qian Yuan¡¨. It was not only an elegant and resplendent place, but also had great landscape. That place was one of eight visiting view points. Most of people in and out of Qian Yuan were celebrities. Besides scheduled reciting meeting, in every spring and autumn it would hold riddle parties. For people who solved the riddles, band would play music for them and they could also win some prizes, too. Since then it become an established practice and had great impact on riddle field. Many scholars enjoyed to participate the riddle guessing parties. Even for the Ya Tang <Taiwanese general history > had praised that as ¡§literature and wine meeting and great competition in north of Taiwan¡¨.
For Taiwanese lantern riddle study promotion, Mr. Lin Zhan-Mei reward was very important. Riddle expert Mr. Wu Jing-Ge said: ¡§In the history of Taiwanese riddle study, Qian Yuan had devoted the most¡¨.

2. Mr. Tang Jing Song

In the history of Taiwanese riddle stud, Mr. Tang Jing-Song would be the first person to promote riddle study.
Mr. Tang Jing-Song; written as Wei Qing; from western Cantone Guan Yang; He was selected as scholar in TongZhi 4th year and worked as editor in Imperial Academy. He was really famous and lived for 63 year.
In Guang Xu years, he severed as Taiwanese government officer. Within his working time period, he made every endeavor to promote riddle study. Because he liked to recite poems and make riddles, and liked to praise and commend literature pursuits. He had started another peak of poem riddle. His book called ¡§riddle collection¡¨ was pass around the world. In the development of Taiwanese riddle, Mr. Tang Jing-Song had created a ¡§riddle¡¨ fashion. It also popularized the riddle study to everywhere in Taiwan (Taipei and Tainan). According to his effect, it would be proper to call him Taiwanese riddle pioneer.

3. Mr. Zhang Qi-nan

¡]Photography of Mr. Zhang Qi-nan¡^
(Mr. Zhang Qi-nan¡¦s famous riddle work < Tuo Yuan Chun Deng Hua >)

If talking about lantern riddles, then it had to mention Saint riddle ¡V Mr. Zhang Qi-nan. In the book <riddle language research>, Mr. Yang Ru-Quan written: ¡§Mr. Zhang was a riddle expert, he had great attainments in riddle study. Since Qing dynasty, Mr. Zhang would be the only one who could really understand the riddles.¡¨ That did not over praised him.
Mr. Zhang Qi-Nan,;written as Wei Lu; named TuoYuan,;from FuJian YongDing; was born in 1878, died in 1923 due to sickness. He had lived for 45 years.
For lantern riddle study, Mr. Zhang was really a talented person. When he was about ten years old, he had showed his witting and was able to solve several riddles. That had amazed people around him. In fact, his talent appeared obviously when he worked as Chen Zhou mining director and local high school president. Chen Zhou was a countryside, when he arrived there, locals did not know what riddle are. Fortunately, Yuan Xiao festivals would be coming soon, he made lantern riddles and post it on the busy streets. He also offered prizes to winners to add the fun. With his popularized, lantern riddle had become a hot topic. Since then, lantern riddle guessing had become the highest point of Yuan Xiao festival every year. In the old time, riddle party often hosted by several people, but Mr. Zhang often hosted alone. The riddles often emerged in an endless stream. He always could solve other people¡¦s riddle, therefore, everybody submit their willing to his views and gave him a name ¡§Saint riddle¡¨ Mr. Zhang made numerous riddles, they were passing on around. Beside making and guessing riddles, he also had remarkable talent in making riddle theory. He had wrote down his understanding and knowledge in riddles. He also concluded many quotes and evidences. It was a unfading riddle work -- <Tuo Yuan Chun Deng Hua>. Nowsaday, riddle fans have seen it as standard.

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