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The so-called “meaningful riddle” refers to the riddle represented by meaningful words that provide clues to the answer. In such case, the fact that Chinese characters have “multi-meanings” is the crucial key. For example, the character “Chen(陳)” carries the meanings of “battle array”, “talk” and “display”. If the riddle is “ husband is enlisted in the military”, then the guess may be the star’s name “Chen Yi Lang(陳一郎)” (husband is man(郎), enlisted in the military is in the battle ). If the riddle is “talk consistently”, then the guess may be the name of the Han civilian “Chen Pein(陳平)” (meaning talk evenly). If the riddle is “布在方策”, then the guess may be the history
book “陳書” (meaning displayed in the book). As multiple meanings are attached to the words, one must grasp the meaning of the riddle when making a guess, look for related words and think within the context dictated by the riddle. There are three types of word grasping namely, positive grasping, contrary grasping and grasping by allusion.

1 . Positive Grasping:

Positive grasping refers to the approach of making positive imaginations on the riddle to grasp the meaning of the riddle.
Examples: -Education during pregnancy kindness, six chia (”six chia” means pregnant with child)
-Not to meet again until after death meeting after death (based on the question of the riddle, meet after death)
-Cheer groups are not allowed to sit down petrol station (all that are adding petrol [same words used for cheering] must remain standing)
-Poetry intonation and rhyming couplet act against someone’s wish ( “rhyming couplet” is interpreted as act against someone’s wish)

2. Contrary Grasping:

Opposite grasping refers to the approach of thinking the contrary meaning of the riddle to grasp the meaning of the riddle.
Example: monks are not allowed entry  nuns can (monks are not allowed to enter, then nuns shall be allowed)
- you and I are both meaty Wei Ta shredded meat (pronounced the same as “only he is not meaty”)
- few are sick all are well (few are sick, surely that means all are well)
- why asking someone else to do match making self-service ice (be an ice person yourself- an ice person refers to a matchmaker)

3. Grasping By Allusion:

“allusion” refers to literary reference. If the meaning of the riddle is related to some historic literary reference, the reference must be found first.
Example: -Smiling Mi Le Harvard (Mi Le is Buddha)
-Final match thousands of miles outside Mark (thousands of miles refers to horse)
- Sleep in wine houses in Chang An City Lee Shan Yin (This is the words used in the poem written by Du Fu to describe Lee Pai burying himself in wine houses.)
- Wang Shi Chi lying on the bed of the East wing Einstein Albert (Wang Shi Chi selected for lying on the bed of the East wing)

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