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  The guess is made based on the graphemic of characters. Sometimes a little imagination is required.

-A piece of flag hanging out of the stone right(右) (the word stone (石) if shifted a little becomes the character “right”(右), just like a flag flying)
-The front and back rows are full, please do not enter “lower portion of the tooth” (齕) (in the word, the lower portion of the tooth, four people are crowded

between the two rows and front and back rows are full;”beg(乞)” is request;”stop(止)” is do not enter)
- seven two  empty its center (the center of characters “虛” and “其” (characters in the center of the two words) are seven(七) and two(二))
Child (囝) Name- Tung An Ke(童安格) (a child imprisoned in a square)

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