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¡@¡@Graphic Riddle appeared in the Song Dynasty. The old stories told that someone intended to test the abilities of artists and wrote topics of ¡§ Returning home stepping on flowers, horse hoof with sweet scent¡¨ and ¡§ a red spot amongst the green¡¨, for artists to draw pictures with deep implication yet were hard to be
Warmth and Coolness of the World (Half of the world is hot, the other half is cool) Joint Fatness (the unison of two fat people)
Window 95 (The king is called the ¡§nine five highness¡¨, the king in the picture is looking out of the window) Sunk in obscured sadness (the burning candle goes off, the Buddha is hurt, hence implying sunk obscured sadness)
a man that lives on money provided by a woman (this is the portrait of Chi Huan Kung, nicknamed ¡§little white¡¨, the portrait is annexed up-side-down)
a person¡¦s name Lin Hu Chun (the child in the picture orders the Spitz to go under the shower of water.

pictured. Most artists drew a horse stepping on dropped flowers and a blooming red peony amongst green leaves. An artist stood out with the drawing of only flowers but not the horse, added with flying butterflies nearby and the drawing of green leaves with a beauty with red lips but not red flowers, thus winning the highest recognition from the people at the time. This is basically the origin of graphic riddles.
Graphic riddles shall not only be subdued and implied, but also the drawing shall be superior and carry deep meanings. Therefore, there were not many historic pieces being passed on. Mr. Cheng Kuo Tai of the Pon Hu Riddle Society in Taiwan (born in 1954, also known as ¡§Loud Bell Fast¡¨ in the Riddle field, a teacher at Ma Kong High School) is the only exclusive master of graphic riddle in recent years whose graphic riddles were represented by comics, characterized by prettiness of fun and deep meanings, which are worth a special introduction.

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