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¡@¡@The seal riddle has been a special type of riddle in the development of lantern riddles in Taiwan. The presentation of the riddle is achieved through inscribing the riddle on the face of the seal and the printout of the riddle in red and black ink. While making a guess, one has to bear in the mind the characters Yin(¦L)¡BTzang(³¹)¡BTu(¹Ï)¡BShi(¥Û) etc. Close attention shall be paid to the riddle itself, but the inscription work must also be of highstandards.

An ordinary man is certainly unable to demonstrate simultaneously the two skills, riddle preparation and inscription in one art. Mr. Yang Wen Chuan of Taipei Riddle Society (born in 1939, riddle publisher and epigraphist) is the master in this field and is widely recognized. A special introduction is as follows:

One stone, two birds (inscription is ¡§place longing in the bright moon¡¨ ¡Aamongst which ¡§moon¡¨ and ¡§longing¡¨ are both names of birds¡Ahence there are two birds in this stone seal)
Broken stones shock the sky (the seal is presented in broken inscription which reads ¡§The King is shocked¡¨, meaning ¡§the sky is shocked¡¨)
not a minute is to be wasted ( ¡§inscribe¡¨ a knife on the seal, character ¡§fast¡¨ is interpreted as ¡§speedy¡¨, that is not to slow down)
Express Photos (this was part of Lee Pai¡¦s poem (traveling down to Chiang Lin), only express travel by boat, but clearly a ¡§seal¡¨ inscribed with the words ¡§express development¡¨)


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