Lantern riddles in Taiwan are often held on festive occasions because a crowd of people can only be gathered on festive holidays to participate in the competition of riddle guessing. The so-called festivals are not restricted to traditional holidays. On
the New Year¡¦s Day, National Foundation Day or even the weekends, the riddle guessing competition can be held as long as there are appropriate locations. The most popular dates for holding the lantern riddle are traditional holidays, the Lantern Festival, Dragon Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Lantern riddles were not for sure related to Lantern Festival in the olden days. However, lights and fire added interests by enabling activities at night in the age before lights were invented. Hence, the lantern riddle guessing activities were traditionally being held at Lantern Festivals. (It is held at mid-autumn festivals in Hong Kong as the lantern carrying activity is undertaken at mid-autumn festivals)
The scale of lantern riddles in Taiwan is the largest at Lantern Festivals. Almost every single city, county, village and town host the lantern riddle night. Rays of lights are bright and people are busy. It is indeed a very lively sight. At this time, crowds and crowds people may be seen gathered on the site of the lantern riddle, competing with each other, forming a special feature of the Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Especially the ¡§lantern festivals¡¨ hosted by the city governments of Taipei and Kao Hsioung and the celebrations held by the Culture Construction Association and the Tourism Board of R.O.C. at Taipei C.K.S. Memorial Hall have been the largest and attracted above several tens of thousands of people.