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1.Foreword : Historical Background

2.The Villages

    Cyonglin Village             Jhushan               Ou Village             Shuitou Village            
    Folk Culture Village        Minggu Street 

3.The Beauty of Architecture

   (1)Old Houses

    The Li Residence   

The Lyu Residence


Li Guang-sian Residence

The Banyan Garden



TheDeyue Tower

Chen Yin-shih's
Fanzai Hall

Biyue Studio

The Tsai Family Shrine

The Jhang Family Shrine

The Won Family Shrine

The Lin Family Shrine

The Yang Family Shrine



Haiyin Temple

Tianhou Temple

Cih-De Temple

Siyue&Beiyue Temple

The Yingshan Temple

The Lingji Temple

The Shuangli Temple

The Fuji Temple

Baohu Temple


The Wujiang Academy

Yigu Hall

The Congcing Studio